Referral is often the best way for you to make the right health care choice. Here is what others have to say about their chiropractic and acupuncture care.

Yours in health,
Dr. Tammy Bowler

The difference at Back in Balance Muskoka is the individualized care! There's no feeling of "standard treatment" with Tammy's approach. Each time I visit, I am listened to,… and then treated accordingly with the right combination of modalities that are indicated for that visit. Sometimes, all I need is a "tune up". But sometimes I have an injury or challenging area that Tammy is able to reach into her bag of tricks to get to the core of the problem. From Active Release Techniques, to Shockwave Therapy, and beyond. I always leave feeling cared for and a little bit taller! 


Tammy is very knowledgeable, caring and I always feel better after seeing her. She is the best chiropractor I have ever experienced. I am thrilled I found you.


Tammy truly listened to me, and quickly identified what was going on. Not only is she knowledgable and professional, her passion for helping people is evident, she is genuinely focused on her patients well-being. After a few treatments she had reduced the discomfort significantly and I am now able to shake people's hands again without grimacing....or resorting to fist pumps. Thank you Tammy!            


After thinking my career was coming to an end with such shoulder pain, I found Dr.Tammy! She treated me and right away I knew I was on my way to recovery!


Doctor Bowler has been a huge help in my recovery from a soccer injury. I was recommended to her from a good friend who said Doctor Bowler was one of a kind in the sense that rather than just saying she treats the patient and the injury, she actually does. 
Doctor Bowler was very thorough establishing the backstory to the injury. This to me is important because I knew she treated each individual case separately and does not have a “one size fits all” mentality to rehabilitation.
Another huge positive for me is Doctor Bowler keeps up to date with current treatments available for her clients. Her own professional development shows me she is keen to be on the cutting edge of treatments and therapies that will allow her patients to recover as quickly as possible.
Doctor Bowler is very supportive when it comes to patients own work that we must do for rehabilitation. Doctor Bowler was always encouraging and listened when I discussed with her about my at home rehabilitation.
Finally, Doctor Bowler or Tammy as she asked to be called has a great sense of humour, is thoughtful and caring, and has such a positive outlook that these qualities alone help in ones’ recovery.
Go see Doctor Tammy. Your body will thank you for it!


Tammy is top drawer and has always been awesome to me. Only Muskoka chiropractor I would recommend


Dr. Tammy offers such a depth of service, and speaking from experience, fantastic care. Muskoka is lucky to have her.


Tammy is a skilled chiropractor and acupuncturist. She is a great listener and treated my condition with success. I would highly recommend her.


The best chiro in Muskoka, as far as I’m concerned.


Hi Tammy,
Just a quick note to say thanks for helping me get to the start line healthy. I achieved a personal best at the Marathon running a 3:40. You crossed the finish line with me as you were part of my team. I was on pace for a 3:25 until the 50 km headwinds from 25 km to the finish. Mother nature was not happy that day. I swore at her a few times and gave her my opinions. ha ha. Thanks again!!


I was a severe migraine sufferer, unable to function during my frequent episodes. I had tried many other chiropractors in the past, but no one else compares to Tammy. In conjunction with adjustments, she uses stretching and massage. I very rarely suffer from migraines any more. When I do, I go to Tammy and leave feeling like a million bucks.


I have suffered from lower back pain. I was getting regular chiropractic adjustments, but I frequently left these visits feeling that I wasn't getting enough relief. I have found it in Dr. Tammy's Active Release Techniques®. She also created a stretching and exercise program for me. The visits were frequent initially, but in a short time, the distance between visits grew, and now the goal is for me to visit once a month for maintenance. I am delighted that I now have periods of time with no back pain or discomfort whatsoever. I feel that ART and the exercises work better for me than what I consider to be just the "typical" chiropractic treatments.


I attended Dr. Tammy's osteoporosis seminar because given my medical history as a child and my Grandma's severe osteoporosis, I felt I was at risk. I'm glad I attended the seminar. I learned that my many positive lifestyle choices should help to prevent such a condition. Nonetheless, after the talk, I went to my family doctor and requested a bone scan. She was reluctant, considering I'm only 39 and osteoporosis usually only develops in women after they hit menopause in their 50s. Because I was able to identify several major risk factors, I convinced her to run the test, which revealed I had osteoporosis. I am grateful to Dr. Tammy, because she gave me the push to get the bone density test and catch this condition early. I can only imagine the deterioration of my condition if I had waited until menopause.

* Grateful Resident